Vugera OBD Plug n Play Harness


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Vugera Power OBD-II Cable

Super Safe + Easy dashcam installation with VUGERA POWER OBD-II Cable

Most automobile manufacturers warn that your vehicle warranty may be void if the vehicle is modified (electrical and mechanical). If hard wiring is of your concern, the VUGERA POWER OBD-II cable is the perfect solution for powering your dashcam.  

▶ It's a Plug & Play solution (worry-free, no hard-wiring or modification required) for vehicle protection with over-current cut-off circuit

▶ Offers a manually switchable recording mode (S position: Driving only or P position: Driving and Parking mode)

▶ Built-in G-sensor for dashcam wake-up upon vehicle impact even S position (when the dashcam is switched OFF)

▶ In the P position, the dashcam enters parking mode when the engine ignition is switched OFF (takes 5 mins)

▶ It is designed to automatically cut off the dashcam at 11.8V and enter sleep mode (even overrides the dashcam's lower voltage cut-off settings)

▶ DC 12V~15V (Max 1.8A), Cable Length: 2m 

▶ Applicable on vehicles that are equipped with a universal OBD-2 port (not for use with electric vehicles)

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