Smart Vision 360 HD

synergy-smart-vision-360-hd-grey.png        Next generation 360 Around View Monitoring System

‘to see what you can’t see’


With our roads becoming more congested, Synergy Smart Vision 360 HD provides a superb Advanced Driver Assistance System to manage the space in and around the vehicle. Our innovative system utilises up to 8 Full HD, 2 Megapixel camera’s, with a 192° Horizontal Viewing angle, secured to each side of the vehicle. The images from 4 cameras are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor. This ensures the driver can see hazards all around the vehicle, to eliminate the blind spots, resulting in improved safety for other road users and passengers. Synergy Smart Vision 360 HD Camera System also has the option for internal recording, with remote live view which provides and peace of mind and compliance with a lot of projects like HS2, Skanska, etc. 


The Synergy Smart Vision 360 HD Around View Monitoring is designed to provide the ultimate system for accident prevention, analysis and fleet management. This ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), ensures drivers and operators don’t have any blind spots. Synergy Smart Vision 360 HD - 'to see what you can't see' 

·System Supply Voltage: 10 - 30V DC

·Video Outputs: CVBS and HDMI up to 1920 x 1080P

                               360-camera-system-group.jpg   View Modes: Top View, Top + Front, Left, Right or Rear or Split View


Configurable Systems to provide a perfect bespoke solution

  • Part No: SV360-HD-AVM-4:  This system provides a standalone, 360 AVM System, with standard composite video and HDMI Output. A range of monitors are available, including a 7” Monitor with internal recording and 9” & 10” Monitors with HDMI Input.

  • Part No: SV360-HD-AVMR-4:  This system adds 4-Channel recording, each camera is recorded separately at 1080P up to 25 FPS and you can connect to the Synergy Fleet Management Software package using the ethernet connection, 4G Dongle or Wireless dongle, which can connect to a 4G Router – not supplied, but available separately. Recording capability is provided by an internal SSD or HDD up to 1TB

  • Part No: SV360-HD-AVMR-8:  This system provides a total of 8 channels for adding standard camera’s up to 1080P, in addition to providing full 360 AVM functionality this solution has Pentaplex Technology. Recording function has the unique feature of 2 x SSD or HDD drives for up to 2TB recording. This solution is also available without 360 AVM, which provides a very robust multi-camera recording system.

 The World’s First 5G Ready Connected 360 AVM Solution



System Configuration – using Synergy Fleet Management System

The system can monitor and ensure the safety of drivers, vehicle’s, machines and cargo and provide value added services to businesses and their customers, including letting them know the precise location of assets, delivery schedule and real time vehicle condition and driving style.


  Video Playback Software


Premium Quality HDMI LCD Monitors




ACMS Viewing Software - Please Download Here