Stop Start Module

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Technical Description:
Min Max Operating Input voltage range 7 Vdc 12 Vdc
Operating Output voltage 12 Vdc*
Permanent Out current 5A dc continuous Up to 10A for 6 seconds
Key Out current 100 mA
Standby consumption < 5 mA
Key In consumption < 1 mA
Max output power 120 W
Efficiency 90%
Overcurrent/Short protection SÌ/YES (EXT FUSE)
Polarity reversal protection SÌ/YES (EXT FUSE)
Operating Temperature 40°
C ÷ +85°C
Dimensions 75x25x55mm
Weight 300g
Certifications E24(NSAI) approved according to R1004

*The circuit only operates in a range of input voltage going
from 7V to 12V. Outside this range the circuit stops to
operate and the output voltage follows the input voltage
minus 0.6V. The Key Out signal is conditioned by the status
of the Key In and by the operating state of the regulator (see
graphics on page 2), and it is available as a signal for the car

This harness allows to connect:

YELLOW/RED: 7÷12Vdc input (Permanent In)
BLUE: 7÷9Vdc input ignition key (Key In)
YELLOW: 12Vdc output (Permanent Out)
RED:12V output key (Key Out)
BLACK+ BLACK: GND (both internally shorted)