DS700 Immobiliser with APP Authentication and 1 x ADR Authentication Card

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Tytan DS700 Immobiliser - With CAN Bus Connectivity

The Tytan DS700 is an advanced multi-circuit immobiliser that provides automatic disarming using a phone app that’s programmed to the DS700 or alternatively, if the phone is unavailable, disarming of the system can be done using a Bluetooth ADR - ‘Automatic Driver Recognition’ card, which is normally kept separate to the keys, to prevent against key theft. The system can be connected to the vehicle CAN bus for advanced functions and integration to Telematics systems and optional sirens installed to provide additional advanced security enhancements. In the event of loss of your phone or absence of the optional ADR cards, authentication can also take place by a hidden ‘DS Touch’ panel, providing peace of mind for the security conscious customer.

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