CAT 352 Next Gen - Synergy Smart Vision 360 HD Camera System

Published by Nick Oakland on 5th Sep 2020

We've had a real variation of installs this week, but this awesome CAT352 Next Gen finished the week off a treat!

Armac Demolition, another market leader investing in the latest safety innovations to create a safe working environment, thank you for the business Armac & Finning.

Our innovative system utilises 4 Full HD, 2MP camera’s, with a 195° Horizontal Viewing angle, secured to each side of the vehicle. The images from 4 cameras are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor. This ensures the driver can see hazards all around the machine - 'to see what you can't see' and in addition all for camera's record to a 1TB hard drive to ensure any incidents are recorded for analysis.